Where To Find Organizing Solutions By HeartWork Organizing This Fall

Fall is usually the second busiest time of the year for us. We’re actually super excited to be helping so many people with physical and digital organizing projects, but unfortunately, that doesn’t leave as much time for the blog. But there are a couple of events that I wanted to let you know about, including one tonight.

As a SCORE speaker’s bureau member, I’m delivering a presentation called 10 Essential Apps for Business Owners tonight at the Haverford Public Library. You might know of SCORE is the quasi-government agency that supports businesses at all stages, from startup through growth. It turns out that many of their clients are women, because research shows that women are starting businesses at a higher rate than men. My presentation tonight is for everyone, women and men, new and experienced business owners, technophiles and technophobes. Registration is required and free. If you can’t get in, please ask to be put on the waitlist, as we are gauging the need for this and other classes next year.

professional organizing presentation by HeartWork Organizing


Also this week, one of my corporate clients is hosting me to teach a Digital Photo Management training class. I love this one, because attendees are solving problems like how to backup their photos, how to solve the “no more space” problem, and learning to make simple edits to their favorite pictures. Even though you can’t attend this class, you can listen to a photo organizing webinar I recorded a while back, and it’s also free and you can get there with just a click.

Later this week I’m traveling to New York to deliver training called The Upbeat, Organized Office to help a department declutter and move to their beautiful new open offices. I’ll, of course, be sharing the SORT and Succeed system, and how it can help them organize their offices as well as their home. If you are in charge of recommending training to your company, I’d love to hear from you.

How to Get Organized with SORT and Succeed System


That would be enough for one week, but my team also had the privilege of delivering a large physical-to-digital photo organizing project earlier this week. We’ve been working all summer to organize, scan, digitize and electronically store generations of photos for one family. Probably my favorite part about this project organizing over 17,000 photos, films and slides is the fact that we’re integrating a new iPad so that the 80 year old matriarch of the clan can enjoy photos that she hasn’t seen in decades. Her sons and grandchildren can continue to add to the family archive, and far-flung friends can even enjoy relevant groups of photos. What a gift to the whole family. Rather than putting the client on the spot, here’s me, delivering the project to the client. My team doesn’t get enough credit in times like this, but the four of us worked for months to bring this one to a beautiful conclusion.

Photo Organizing project delivered

And more to come…we also just finished a whole-house staging of a property that I’m going to enjoy showing you later this week. It’s absolutely not the largest house we’ve ever staged for sale, but it might be the oldest. This property apparently even has historic ties to famous families, along with a 4-car garage, an income apartment, a fabulous play area, and two beautiful sunrooms. Here’s just a sneak peek. Photo credit goes to the Brett Furman Team; contact him to see this beautiful property because I think it’s going to sell quickly, maybe even before I can write up the full post for you.

Home Staging Property

Yes, I know it’s a lot to take in. It’s literally every type of service we offer in one post. Physical and digital organizing, decorating and home staging, and photo organizing.

You might not need all of our services, but we’re here for you if you do. Can we help you get more organized this fall?

Where To Find Organizing Solutions By HeartWork Organizing This Fall