Using Hidden Storage Space when Staging

There is plenty of space to “hide things in plain sight” in almost every home. In fact, when we stage, most of our homeowners take these tips into their new home.

Using Hidden Storage Space when Staging

Toys are usually the biggest visual clutter problem. We can address this with affordable baskets and bins that work with the current decor.

For bigger toys, like rocking horses or ride-on toys, if it’s necessary to keep them in the living space, we have sometimes parked them behind the sofa. They are still available to the kids, but not the first chaotic thing that a buyer sees when walking in the home.

Most kitchens have some paperwork in them day to day, but creating a designated spot for paperwork can both raise the value of your property and help you contain clutter while you are on the market. 

You can cut your clutter and improve your organization overall by starting to go paperless while you are prepping your house for sale. An app like Evernote might help you to present your home for sale, and also help you stay organized long after the sale. 

Some clutter becomes art when you take it off the floor and mount it as artwork, like we did with these guitars.

If you’ve never used your display cabinet or shelves to actually display your pretty collections, selling your home is the time to do it. It can provide a focal point and show off built-in architecture.

The space under your bed can also store some items, especially if they aren’t something you’ll need to access until after you move.

If your closets are stuffed, you’ll want to organize them as well, but you’ll still have stuff to go back into the closet. Attractive bins and boxes can be expensive. But using attractive gift bags can be an inexpensive way to organize and create a clearer closet or storage space.

Where do you think hidden storage space might be hiding in your home??