Mix It Up for Summer- Unconventional Ceiling Fan Options

There are a few necessary evils that, as a designer, I have learned to work around. Large TV screens. Ugly but comfy he-man sofas and recliners. Ceiling fans. I am not a fan. Pun intended.


But if you look beyond the fan aisle at the big box stores, you can find some pretty interesting overhead fans for your function and style. They go way beyond giving you two options- colored blades or wood-tones blades. Here are some designer and specialty fans to check out. Click on the links to get the deets. Affiliate links may be included here.

The Impostor. It looks like a dining room chandelier, but it has a hidden side.

The Inside Job. A pendant ceiling fan. What a concept!

The Space Ship Has Landed.  And it’s here to keep you cool in the kitchen.


The Safety Zone. Have a kid’s room that makes you think twice about adding moving parts? This enclosed grille might work for you.

The Tilt-a-Whirl. More fun than a barrel of circus monkeys.

The Bug Fairy. Bugs don’t like a breeze, and this Fairy model is made to live outdoors.

The Made You Look! Yep, it’s a fan.


The Two Heads are Better than One. For those always going in two directions at once.

The Propeller Head. File your flight plan with this retro look.

The Fancy Pants. Not just a fan discussed as a beautiful chandelier, but also an air ionizer.

Farmhouse Multi-tasker. Light and fan in one cute farmhouse package.

Do you need to rethink your cooling options and take a turn with some pretty neat whirly-bird bling? Click on all the links to see these interesting and unconventional ceiling fan options.


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  1. Carol Ann Randolph

    I love the fandilier in my master bedroom. I cannot sleep without a little breeze.

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