How to Dress Up a Plant in a Pot

There are a million crafty ways to dress up a plant in a pot, but if you’re like me, you appreciate something that is easy, frugal, and cute all at once. You know, you want to look all Pinterest-y, just without doing most of the work. Here I’ll show you how to dress up a small plant in a pot suitable for gift giving.

How to dress up a plant in a pot


Start with a plant of your choice.  My favorites are these gerbera daisies, for their great color and large blooms. They are also fairly easy to care for, indoors or out.  The pot isn’t anything special, just a standard plastic pot.

Gather a few supplies, including inexpensive organza, rubber bands, markers and attractive store bought gift tags on nice heavy stock paper.  These came from Target. You can also print your own, if you have a signature design.

I’m about to break out the Pinterest-y vocab here: organza. Organza is a filmy, see-through fabric. It’s usually soft and flexible, which is what we need for this project. It comes in many widths, and I was lucky enough to find this big roll on some discount store clearance aisle because it’s the kind of thing that comes in handy for lots of projects. But don’t go looking for this exact roll of organza; just use what you have. Another width, another color, or another fabric all together. I do think fabric or ribbon of some type is what makes this easy DIY plant pot dress-up so easy and elegant.

Wrap a length of organza around the bottom of the pot, and secure with a rubber band.  This used a length of ribbon that was roughly the length of my leg. Bunch at least one layer of the ribbon up or down, right under the leafy part, in order to cover the rubber band.

Easy ways to dress up potted plants

Flip the gift card over to include your personal message.  Then hang the tag with a rubber band loop around the plant’s care tag.

This little beauty only costs about a dollar for the organza and the pretty tag, plus the cost of the plant (this one was $5), and is an inexpensive but well-dressed hostess gift, teacher gift or business lunch swag that doesn’t break the bank.  If you’re hosting a summer party, these are great grouped together as table centerpieces.