Skateboard Treasure: FOUND! (Not Clutter!)

THANK YOU for cleaning out your garage, your basement, your closets. I know that organizing your garage is on your list for this weekend, and you’re probably going to talk yourself out of it (again), but here’s why you shouldn’t. 
My girl started skateboard lessons recently, and we were thrilled to find the BEST skateboard at a Play It Again Sports store.
Skateboard - trash to treasure (1) (800x485)
Rather than pay $40-50 for a board that would be too big and not her style, we found the PERFECT skateboard in leopard print for only $15.
Skateboard - trash to treasure (800x533)
It has a tiny little rust on the underside, but she won’t let me spray it with WD-40 because she says she would go way too fast then! LOL
She was worried about going back to lessons, where she is the only girl and most of the kids are bigger than her, but when she found the perfect skateboard, her entire mindset changed. She couldn’t wait to take it to class. And she rides it around town like a BOSS now! Here’s her silly face.
Skateboard - trash to treasure (4) (800x533)
So, when you are looking at all that trash/clutter in your space this weekend, remember, you are depriving some little girl from her dream skateboard, or some little boy from completing his magic collection, or whatever treasures you have hiding in your stash. Please don’t let those treasures rot and rust, unloved in your home. Pass them on, donate or consign. You might make my kid happy, confident, and fast!
Skateboard Treasure_ Found!
If you haven’t taken things to Play It Again Sports or other consignment stores, here’s more on how it works.
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