Birthday Month Organizing Routines

I’ve shared my first of the month organizing routines before. In fact, I post them almost every month on Facebook, to help you stay organized.

What about things that only need to be done once a year? I’m not talking about house maintenance, which tends to have it’s own seasonal cues. There are some things that only YOU can do for YOU, and your birthday month is a good reminder to take care of them.

Birthday Month Routines-pin

– Doctor’s appointments. Are you putting off that annual checkup or a mammogram?

– Check drivers license to see when it needs to be renewed.

– Get all new pillows. Why not?

– Set a Big Audacious Goal for next year. This time next year, what will you be happy that you accomplished? Run your first marathon? Moved to a new city? Finally write that book? I’m working on being able to do the splits again…all the way down to the floor…comfortably. I used to sit in that position for fun when I was younger. No one but me will care when I reach my goal, and maybe that’s the point. Set a goal that excites YOU.

What other organizing routines do you like to accomplish around your birthday?

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  1. Anne-Eli

    Hey Darla
    Once again your topic is perfect for me.
    It’s close to my birthday and last year, on my
    Bday I collected 15 books and donated them to library. For the rest of the year I kept at it. By December I had donated nearly 100 books.
    The book I’m reading now is an ebook from the library. Win-Win!

    1. Darla

      That’s a great way to organize your bookshelf. If it seems too overwhelming to do it all at once, do just an armload each month. Thanks for sharing!

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