One Simple Tip To Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (Before They Go Bad)

Are there things I do at my place that can help you be more organized? I ask myself this every day.

Here’s one little thing that I’m pretty sure helps us save money and eat better, too.

We take things out of bags when we put groceries away.

Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but even clear plastic bags can hide things in the fridge and pantry. Don’t believe me? Then why do my people see “nothing” here to eat?

Organize to eat more fruits and vegetables (2)

On the other hand, the same family members will grab an apple for a snack (five minutes before dinner, but whatever) and ask for guacamole with chips when the fridge looks like this:

Organize to eat more fruits and vegetables (2)

So simple. And the best part? It doesn’t require any new gadget or organizing product.

The “obvious” isn’t obvious to everyone in the same way.

Check out your fridge and pantry right now. Do you have fruits, vegetables or other food that is “hidden” and going to waste? Try an experiment, and see if removing it from bags helps you and the people you live with enjoy more fresh food.

I’m interested to hear how it works out for you.

One Simple Tip To Eat More Fruits and Vegetables (Before They Go Bad)

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  1. Elianne

    Darla, Another excellent post!
    I usually do take produce out of packaging.
    Great sentence: “the obvious isn’t obvious to
    every in the same way.”
    My kitchen tip: the always hungry person has his
    own cupboard (side of kitchen) and shelf in fridge. He goes to “his kitchen “ first. Helps me keep rest of kitchen the way I need it: tidy.
    Loved your post this week on linens!
    Merci de partager tes idées hyper pratique!

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