Do You Trust Your Home Services Provider?

Did you read this story about a professional organizer arrested for stealing from her clients? With the popularity of Marie Kondo, we are seeing more and more people entering the professional organizing industry. Some of them will choose a path that includes education, experience and ethics. Others might not. But here’s a way that you can find a trustworthy organizer… hire a Certified Professional Organizer®.

Hiring any type of home services provider usually feels like a crap shoot. After reading online reviews, asking your friends and neighbors, and even meeting with contractors in person, sometimes you still don’t have a good idea if they know how to solve your problem, or if they’ll show up to complete the job you hired them for. Everyone I know has a nightmare contractor story. And when you find a great service provider, it makes your life so much easier. They solve your problem, treat your home with respect, and earn every penny (and then some). Usually they are the clean-cut, uniformed providers who make use of technology. And usually they have a clear company brand and involvement in local and industry associations. Sometimes they feel so polished that you might think they are part of a franchise, which is something we get asked here at HeartWork Organizing. (Nope, not a franchise, just a very tightly run ship.)

While you read this, I am headed to the NAPO annual conference for professional organizers in Ft Worth, Texas. Investing in my education is the best way I know of to keep my team and you apprised of what’s new and effective when it comes to organizing. It’s four days of non-stop classes, and I’ll be teaching again this year. I’m proud to be a certified member of this vibrant community.

The CPO is the only certification endorsed by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

NAPO President's Award

The BCPO exists to protect the public. I take your trust very, very personally. You ask me and my team into your homes and businesses and you expose challenges, frustrations and sometimes shame. Sometimes you trust us with your keys or financials. Often, we work near your children or your pets. You pay our fees and hope we have the experience and expertise we say we do.

I’ve been a full-time professional organizer for 14 years, now. I am super selective with the employees I bring into my team, and I have determined that employees (not subcontractors) are the only way I can control the quality of services you receive from my company.

organizing your home team at HeartWork Organizing

Whether you work with me or one of my team members, whether you work with us in person, on a virtual appointment, or just meet us at a public event, we want you to know what you can expect from us. And by the way, we LOVE questions. An educated client is our favorite client, and usually our best marketing opportunity, as well. We want you to have such a great experience with us that you tell fifteen of your closest friends how happy you are that you found us!

Life is uncertain. But organizing can give you back some control, and organizing with a Certified Professional Organizer® can give you peace of mind.

Do You Trust Your Professional Organizer_ Befnefits of a NAPO Certified Professional Organizer