Five Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer

Decluttering makeup isn’t hard, and can be a lot more satisfying than other, bigger jobs. It helps to be in the right mindset. Spring cleaning, getting over a no-good relationship, procrastinating on a really big work project…when you are really ready to declutter, just go with it. Sometimes you have the urge, and sometimes you don’t. Use these five easy steps to spring clean your makeup drawer.

Five Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer

If you haven’t yet made room for some drawer dividers and organizer trays, now is the time. You can start with upcycled jewelry boxes, kitchen plastic bowls, even origami paper boxes. A lot of electronics come overpackaged in really sturdy boxes that are about the right size for your drawers, soo. You don’t have to break the bank. Once you’ve got your layout in place, you can then splurge on some pretty glass or Lucite trays. I like the simple 20 ounce kitchen serving bowls from IKEA 365+. At 6x6x2 ¼”, they are actually a perfect size for drawer dividers. But they could be used in the kitchen, as a cat dish, or for arts and crafts years from now. So versatile. (shown below in my tiny, tiny bathroom drawer)

Five Easy Steps to Spring Clean Your Makeup Drawer

You’ve heard the advice to go vertical. Take all of your skinny items, and store them in small metal planters. Mine are from the dollar zone at Target. Ikea also has some white metal items in the Skurar and Socker lines, both of which are perfect for gathering lipsticks, eye liner pencils, and all types of brushes. Corralling all the small, thin items together saves a ton of space on the counter and in drawers.

bathroom medicine cabinet organizing with metal cups

Follow some simple rules about what to keep. Anything that touches your eyes and lips should be discarded after a year. If in doubt, throw it out. Do you really want to risk an eye infection? Sunscreen should be tossed by the expiration date, usually about a year from purchase. Powders, soaps, blushers, creams, and the rest of your jams and jellies might last up to three years after opening, but chuck it if it carries a weird smell or changes texture.

It might be tempting to stock up on your faves when the beauty company has a sale, but you can always buy more, and have it shipped right to your door within a day or two. Are you really saving money if you have to find a place to store it, and then ultimately can’t even remember you bought it?

Check return policies. If you hate it, take it back. Better makeup companies like Mary Kay will let you exchange a product that you really dislike. They’d rather have you love their products and come back for more. Even if you can’t return something, toss it the next time you realize it is doing you no favors. Remember, keeping something longer doesn’t make it cheaper. It just makes it more frustrating to get ready in the morning.

keeping clutter longer doesn't make it cheaper


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  1. Karen

    I didn’t even realize my bathroom medicine cabinet needed organizing until I just saw how nice yours looks!!

    1. Darla

      LOL, technically, my medicine cabinet is organized AND decorated. You can call it an #OrganizingWin if yours is simply organized. Some people have hobbies; I have shelf paper.

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