Book Review: French Vintage Decor by Jamie Lundstrom

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There’s something timeless and soothing about French vintage decor. Even if you aren’t a designer, you can probably pick out a room done in the French style. The trick, of course, is adding that certain je ne sais quoi to your home…effortlessly. Lucky for me, when I’m home in my office, I can breathe deeply, remember my time in Paris, and flip through a beautiful book by my friend and accomplished blogger, Jamie Lundstrom from So Much Better with Age.  I recall when we met (on the dance floor), and I asked did her blog name refer to decor or to our own aging. Bien sur, to both!

French Vintage Decor by Jamie Lundstrom book review pin

French Vintage Decor is a lovely book that not only explains how to get that classic French look, but Jamie also gives you DIY recipes to create accessories to highlight that look. The projects range from easy Grey Washed Frames (page 48) to more complex like the Rustic French Tray on page 92. The whimsical like the Drill Bit Holder with Dried Lavender (page 79) to the functional Stenciled Wicker Basket on page 100.

french-vintage-decor-DIY collage by Jamie Lundstrom
©Jamie Lundstrom

As you leaf through French Vintage Decor, you’ll see the classic elements that makeup traditional decor in most of France. You’ll see rough or worn wood floors, contrasting white or light grey walls. Brass and gold mirror frames, light fixtures, and accessories. Natural elements including dried lavender. Worn paint finishes and curving forms. Burlap memo boards and linen upholstery.

French Vintage Decor by Jamie Lundstrom

I’ve said it before, but there’s something special about the light in Paris. Everyday life looks more like the soft lens quality that photographers are adept at capturing. The sky is more blue. The standardized Haussmann buildings are somehow special instead of the same. In fact, Jamie is a photographer, and took the photos for her book, and you’ll love seeing what she sees.

Interested in trying out a French Vintage project you’ve seen on my blog? A simple end table with lovely lines and brass hardware, painted a soft gray is a lovely place to start. Even the blue stripe on the magazine tray is a nod to French grain sacks.

Rub'NBuff Rub'nBuff on end table hardware

Of course, there are plenty of different periods and styles of French decor. Who can accurately recall all the Louis’s, Henries, Phillips, and Charles’s, let alone what was a la mode in their day?So although the following pictures don’t feature French vintage decor per se, and they don’t capture France with Jamie’s beautiful soft lens, here are some more photos to give you a little glimpse of French life and style.

Step 5 of the SORT and Succeed system is, of course, celebrating your success. If you need to celebrate with a trip to Paris, you have my permission, certainment! But a visit through this lovely book is a pretty nice reward, too.

Need even more French Vintage Decor? Check out Jamie’s book with easy and elegant DIY projects for any home.

French Vintage Decor by Jamie Lundstrom book review pin

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    Merci pour ce joli voyage à Paris Darla… Tes photos sont fantastiques! Isabelle (la Parisienne)

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      Merci, mon ami. Je me souviens de chaque voyage a Paris. Elle me manque. (Did I get that right? I always mess that one up. “I miss her.”)

  2. Elianne

    Merci, mon amiE.

  3. Jamie

    Darla, thank you so much sweet friend! And your trip to France looks amazing!
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Darla

      Merci for creating such a beautiful book with DIY inspiration!

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