Are You a (Disorganized) Writer?

The New York Times reported not long ago that something like 87% of people surveyed say they have a book in them. That may not sound surprising. The real trick is getting that book (or any writing) out of them. It can be tough to organize your thoughts, organize your schedule, and organize all the technology needed to make a big project happen all the way to completion. If you ever wondered about where to get more help with your writing, this is your chance.

Women in Publishing Online Summit 2019

The Women in Publishing Summit is now open for your free registration. I am honored to be one of 70+ experts in the all-star lineup that you can learn from. I attended the online summit last year, and can tell you that whether you listen to one, five, or every single one of the sessions, you are going to learn a ton about writing in general, publishing in particular, and also about how to get support for your big projects.

Your words can change the world. Someone needs to read those words.

The Women in Publishing conference begins March 4th. It’s online and free.  You simply click here, register right away, and you are in.

Then starting next week, you’ll get daily emails of the sessions to listen to each day. Sessions are free and available for a couple of days. At the end of the week, the most popular sessions will be available for free for a few additional days. If that’s all you ever got from this summit, that would be a tremendous value all on it’s own. Really, there’s no reason not to register and listen to at least a few of the sessions. You can listen while you are brushing your teeth, or while you are commuting to your day job. You know…the one you would definitely leave if you knew how to make your love of writing pay. 😉

If you find that the sessions are so valuable that you want to listen to more, listen again, or maybe plan on listening to the entire summit on vacation (which is what I do), then you’ll have a chance to purchase the All-access pass that gets you some very nice benefits, including access to all recordings for an entire year, a special facebook group that let’s you interact personallyawith the super-star presenters you’ll be meeting, and some very nice gifts from the presenters. (I included my Organizing Your Papers online class for free for paid subscriptions, which is a $49 value right there.) All-access pass holders will receive dozens of books, courses and writing guides included in their pass. There’s no hook, no trickery, no hidden agenda. Just a chance to turn a week of free learning into a whole year of valuable learning. Or just register for free, and learn as much as you can.

Women in Publishing Online Summit 2019

Look, I just booked my flights for a conference that I attend every year. The flight and hotel will cost me over $1,000. The conference fee alone is over $500. And since I have to travel, I give up income for that week while at the conference. Professionally it makes sense. But if you have the chance to learn from the best, for a whole year, at home, in your jammies, and still have access to a whole new group of writer friends, for about $100?????  Why wouldn’t you?

This online summit is FIVE days of inspirational stories, expert advice, encourage, and training to support you on your journey for publishing your book. All from women who have been down this road before you. Summits like these were a huge boon to my own writing journey to two best-selling books.

First things first. Just do the next right thing for your writing: register for the Women in Publishing free online summit today and mark your calendar for March 4th. You simply click here, register right away, and you are in.

The panel session I am involved in takes place on day 5, focused on organizing processes and tools for better writing. We talk about how to get organized, writing outlines, specific sites and tools you probably haven’t heard of, and how to approach both non-fiction and fiction writing. Come meet my co-panelists.

Women in Publishing Online Summit 2019

Have a question for me? Chances are it’s answered in the registration process (click here), or you can comment below.

See you at the summit.