XO – DIY Wine Cork Craft

Happy Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day. Your choice. I’ve got the best thing for your gal pal, right here. This DIY wine cork craft is the perfect mix of wine and glue gun. In fact, those are the only two items needed to make this cute valentine sign of your love. Ready to recycle wine corks?

Just a reminder, due to an ice day, we will be doubling down on efforts to get you to attend this year’s Philly Home and Garden Show this weekend at the Oaks Convention Center. Why? Because we know that you feel trapped, cold, and probably hangry, too. And probably over your quota of “together” time with people under four feet tall. (No, that’s just me?)

The solution: frolicking among spring landscapes, indoors and without a coat. We’ve got your prescription. I’ll be on stage Saturday at 6PM with presentation called Kitchen Joy: Organize Your Kitchen and The Rest of Your Home, so call it date night, and I promise to finally explain how to load the dishwasher – – -correctly, saving you years of torment. 

Philly Home and Garden show at Oaks

Now onto the wine cork project. Gather your corks together. Box-wine drinkers like me have to switch horses for a while. Chances are, you probably have a friend who is saving corks with some vague idea that she might do something crafty with them someday. Hit her up for her stash.

Wine Cork XO DIY Craft to use up wine corks

Use a regular 8.5×11″ sheet of paper to rough-out the size of your letters to make sure you have enough corks for the project.

Wine Cork XO DIY Craft


Lay out the entire project first. I decided to turn all the corks on the X wine-side-out, which gave me one pink letter, and all the corks in the O are the air-side-out, which gave me one white-ish letter. Warning: don’t aim for perfection. The cork holes are gonna annoy you, but I promise, it looks cool in the end.

Start by hot gluing two pairs of corks together where the sign will sit. That means one pair of pink, and one pair that is pink and cork, where the X and O will meet.

Start building the X in pairs of corks hot-glued together. You can see that I worked on top of a cutting board to keep my table safe from hot glue.

After a couple of rows of this, I found it easier to lay it all on a flat surface. Continue gluing pink corks.

Once you get the bottom of the X to meet in the middle, continue adding onto the top until you have a complete letter X.

At this point, stand it up, and create a base for the O with more corks, this time turned to show the air-side of the corks.

Again, it’s helpful to alternate between standing and laying, to ensure the craft is even front-to-back, and also stands on its own.

This little craft didn’t take very long, and is really adorable. Perfect for the wine lover….especially one who wants an excuse to drink more wine. (Honey, can you grab more wine on the way home from work? I’m crafting!)

Happy Valentine’s Day – or Galentine’s Day – to you!

Too late for this year? Pin now and start building up your cork stash now.

XO Wine Cork DIY Craft