Serene Home Office for Two

Now that you are through January, you are all organized, and ready to make your space pretty, right? I have just the home office inspiration for you. We just finished this beautiful and serene home office for two last weekend. This was especially fun for two reasons. This was a dining room-turned-home office. Who doesn’t love those? And this project was 100% virtual organizing and design, right up until the finishing touches. How does virtual organizing work? Let me share.

Serene Home Office For Two

Unfortunately, we don’t have a before picture here. Remember, I was in my office and she was in her dining room when we started. I saw the project each time, because we were using Facetime, but I guess I just never got around to taking pictures. So imagine your standard dining table covered with computers and paper piles in the middle of the room under a chandelier, Queen Ann-style curio cabinet along the back wall, and file cabinets congregating in the corner, holding up the printer.

Although I don’t have photos of the room before, I can show you a peek into the process for laying out a new design. It included a computer-aided space plan (not shown) and a design board (shown below) incorporating both new purchases and elements already in the home. We want to create a flow from one part of the house to another, so a design always incorporates the old and the new.

Serene Home Office for Two, plan


I’m just in a mood to show you the pretty today, so here goes.

Serene Home Office for Two

Serene Home Office for Two, with lamp

Serene Home Office for Two, bookcase

Serene Home Office for Two, with secretary

This sturdy secretary has so many beautiful features that let mom and daughter spend time together, each with her own space.

Serene Home Office for Two, with secretary

Snuggles already cheeked it, a sure sign that we chose well.

Serene Home Office for Two with cat

Serene Home Office for Two

Serene Home Office for Two with succulents

Although we spent months organizing the office-y things from the former dining room table, and then designing a beautiful room to put them into, you probably spent just a few minutes reading this. Even so, I hope it put a smile on your face.

If you need a serene home office like this for yourself, I’m happy to hear from you, wherever you live.

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