Best Organizing Tip Ever – Never Leave Empty Handed

I’m about to share with you the single best organizing tip ever. Do you want to learn the secret to organizing your home, and keeping it that way effortlessly? Are you ready to stop decluttering for good? C’mon, it’s the end of January. Isn’t your house completely organized, and doesn’t it stay that way all day? Here’s the only organizing tip you need to learn today.

Best organizing tip ever-never leave empty-handed

Here it is. Ready?

Never leave empty-handed.

Getting ready in the morning, heading into the kitchen? Take something with you. Perhaps a newspaper that needs to go in the recycling bin. Perhaps laundry that needs to go in the wash.

Leaving the house? Take something with you. Perhaps a bag of items that need to be dropped at a donation or recycling center.

Coming home after work? Carry all of the trash, drink bottles and wrappers out of your car.

Taking a commercial break? Carry dishes from the family room into the kitchen, and you don’t have to make a separate trip later.

What mom has not said, “Did you just walk right by your shoes and bags sitting on the stairs????” We try to train them, but it takes a long time to learn this advanced skill. It comes way after tie your shoes, put the lid down and wash your stinking hands for Pete’s sake…WITH SOAP.

Staying organized is easier if you keep your stuff moving. Never leave empty-handed. Always carry things with you during the day, so you can move them closer to where they need to go in your house, or towards the door if they need to leave the house altogether.

So, that’s it. Maybe it is too simple? I double-dog dare you to try it out, and let me know.

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  1. valerie becker

    thank you for the great reminder to never leave empty handed!!

    1. Darla

      Glad you liked it. Hopes it saves some steps for you.

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