Little Girl Closet Organizing

Got kids? Then you probably have a mess, and maybe that mess is in their closets. The funny thing about kids is that they CRAVE order, but they don’t create it on their own. But much like washing their hands or tying their shoes, they will get it…eventually. If they are lucky and have people around them who help them learn early, kids can really get a leg up by learning how to organize their bedroom and closet so they can maintain it. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Little Girl Closet Organizing (Reach In Closet)


Chances are, you’ve seen a closet like this…maybe even today. It’s a perfectly nice reach-in closet, and it’s even got helpful built-in shelving. All it needs is a little love, so that someone 3′ tall, and the people who love her, can keep it organized as she grows.

little girl closet organizing

I’ll show you the changes in her bedroom in another post, but it’s worth mentioning that maybe some of the toys could do better in the closet, too.

little girl closet organizing with toys

The backbone of this organizing project were these sturdy white plastic storage bins with handles from the Container Store. Ikea has similar ones for about the same price. They are actually recycling bins. But bins alone don’t make you organized. Give them a job, and make that job completely obvious. Every child needs a spot for clothes that they’ve grown out of. Install a “too small” bin, to make it easy to keep her wardrobe up to date.

little girl closet organizing- too small clothes

Those same white bins in a smaller size are also great drawer organizers.

little girl closet organizing

Labels in bright colors make it easy for everyone to keep the swim and dance things where they go. This makes it much easier to get to lessons on time.

little girl closet organizing- drawer organizing

Back in the closet, lots of kids like to play dress up, and hats always need a place to go. Unused space in a closet has to work for us, and a simple peg rack is all it takes. Who am I kidding? Even adults have hats, although yours and mine may not be so cute.

little girl closet organizing- organize hats

The best part about a job like this is the kids. They literally cannot wait to get in and “finish” the job we started. It happens every time.

little girl closet organizing- toys


Ready for the reveal? This closet is so stinking cute. There’s plenty of space for toys in the pink mesh bin, keepsakes up on the top shelves, and Little Miss can easily reach all of her clothes, so she can be independent and fashionable.


little girl closet organizing - afterlittle girl closet organizing

These white plastic storage bins with handles from the Container Store are great because they can go in every room of your house, without making your house look like a storage locker full of plastic. And you can always remove the labels and swap them for new labels later.

Need more ideas for your closets as you get organized at home? Shout out in the comments, and I’ll try to help you find a solution.