Closet Organizing Tips from a Certified Professional Organizer

Today’s adventures in organizing features a master closet that got organized and grew to its full potential.

Closet Organizing Tips

Here’s the closet before. It’s a walk-in, but just barely bigger than most reach-in closets. Notice the door off to the left? It makes it hard to get to 1/3 of the closet!

Closet organizing tips- before

This closet holds all of mom and dad’s clothes and also becomes the “time out” spot for the annoying toys and the gifts being hidden for upcoming holidays. We’ve all been there.

Closet organizing tips with kids items

There’s nothing really wrong with this closet. Things just got stashed over time. Nothing a little organizing can’t fix.

Closet organizing tips- for shelves

This is something we see all the time; a third or more of the closet clutter is really the hangers! Move them all together, and you see what I mean. The good news is there is plenty of the nicer hangers, so the not so nice ones can go.

Closet organizing tips too many hangers

I love this after shot of the closet. Just by moving the most-used clothing front and center, deciding to hang the pants all with one method,  and using one type of hanger, it instantly looks more organized.

Closet organizing tips - after

Getting rid of the annoying toys was important to reclaim the floor. Moving the keepsakes and photos onto the higher shelves was the other important step.

Closet organizing tips - clear floor

Black leggings are impossible to see in dark drawers, and they were always getting mixed in with other black workout wear. But here on the shelf in this bright bin, they are easy to spot, grab, and store. Yes, we found money. Guys always seem to need a drop zone for their pocket change, and there’s room for one here, too.

Closet organizing tips - leggings

This is what the boots looked like when we started.

Closet organizing tips- boots

Use my simple rolled-magazine boot shaper hack to make the boots stand at attention and look smart.

Closet organizing tips - boots

Alternating shoes heel-to-toe lets you see your shoes from any angle on a shelf, which makes it more likely you’ll wear them. Standardizing hangers makes clothes look neat, too.

Closet organizing tips - hangers

Some of the gifts and toys still needed to stay in the closet, but we used a large shopping bag to keep them out of sight from prying eyes. Simple as it is, this is a system for this mom, and it didn’t cost a dime.

Closet organizing tips for gifts

We didn’t do any construction on this closet, but we did take the door off so she could get to all the hanging things. Why keep the door if you never close it?

Closet organizing tips - take the door off closet

I love how these simple changes make such a big difference in how you see your existing space. Does this inspire you to go fold and hang?