Make the Most of your Walk-In Closet with These Organizing Ideas

Walk-in closets are a luxury for some, and a design burden for others. If you are blessed with a large closet space, here are some strategies to help you organize.

Make the Most of your Walk-In Closet with These Organizing Ideas

The best design feature in a walk-in closet may just be a window. Few things are more flattering than natural light. Task lighting is brilliant to highlight special collections or to ensure that you can see what you are doing. Pro tip: Clutter gathers in dark corners. Eliminate dark corners, and you reduce the risk of clutter.

organize a walk-in closet

To put that good light to use, ensure there is space for a full-length mirror. If space is at a premium, consider creating a cabinet just so you can use the door to mount the mirror. There’s always something that can be hidden behind closet doors, like towels or bedding. (Yes, that’s a closet inside a closet, for those of you keeping track at home.)

Long hanging space is a must for women’s dresses and if you prefer not to fold your pants over a hanger. Long-hanging means the rod is set at 66″-68″ height.

Double hanging sections will work for shirts over pants. Double hanging means the rods are set at 40″ from the floor and 80″. Double hanging is often the most space-efficient use of hanging space.

Whatever configuration you choose, know that almost every closet has adjustable shelves, and if it doesn’t, it should! Tweak the space to fit your wardrobe; don’t just live with the configuration of a previous homeowner.

Shoe cubbies might seem like a good idea, but I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity of shallow shelves for shoes. Simply put, you might be able to fit more on a shelf without dividers.

organize a walk-in closet with shoes

If you are a boot-lover, include extra tall shelves or special hooks for boot hangers. They are similar to clippie pant hangers…but for boots.

If you’ve converted a small bedroom into a walk-in closet, once you’ve filled all the walls with shelves, you’ll be left with a vast open space in the middle of the room. If you have the square footage, add a center island for drawer space and counter space. Then place a small bench on the ends of the dressers for seating.

Don’t forget space for jewelry, Either a stand-alone jewelry armoire or velvet-lined pull-out shelves will keep your jewelry organized and at the ready.SmartStuff Furniture


Install a section of hooks or valet rods to create a spot to air out clothes that you’ve only worn for a short time. Not everything needs to be washed once it has touched your body. Avoid over-washing favorite garments. Hooks are essential to help clutter-bugs keep clothes off the floor and off chairs, where they turn into piles.

Organizing Tip: Closet Valet Rod

Another anti-clutter move is to incorporate tall, lid-free clothes hampers for dirty clothes. Without the lid, they are much more likely to get used.

Speaking of laundry, the ultimate walk-in closet accessory is an in-closet washer and dryer. No more carrying laundry to and fro. If you don’t have that kind of space, at least try really hard to incorporate a laundry chute to save you from carrying full baskets down the stairs.

And where there are women and laundry, there’s like to be line-dried unmentionables. Rather than setting up a flimsy, space-stealing drying rack as an afterthought, incorporate a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted, pull-down drying rack in a sunny spot of your walk in closet. Once items are dry, they are just an arm’s length from being put away.

Don’t forget the labels. Even though you might think you know where things go, habits, things and uses change over time. However, with large, attractive, legible labels, you remind any helpers you have and yourself what is designated for each section of your closet. Labels really do help keep things neater.

make the most of your organized walk-in closet

Do you have a walk-in closet you are trying to make the most out of? Please comment below on your struggles. We LOVE helping you use your space the best.

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    I do not have a garage or basement, but I do have a small walk in closet. I use it to put Christmas supplies and clothing. I have limited storage in my townhome and a new baby so would love ideas to maximize the space. Thanks!

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