5 Mistakes You are Making When Putting Away Christmas Ornaments

We’re still organizing storage spaces this week in our Clutter-Free Facebook group, and many people are still putting away holiday decorating this weekend. It feels like Christmas was a long time ago, and February is almost here.  If you’ve already put away your holiday decorations, you get today off! But if not, here are some mistakes you might be making when putting away Christmas ornaments.


  1. Working solo. Getting help can make the process less exhausting, and also give family members a chance to reminisce about the season.
  2. Not protecting the ornaments. It can be tempting just to toss and run, but carefully packing the fragile things will absolutely mean the difference between heirlooms and “uh-oh” next season.
  3. Throwing Christmas things in with Thanksgiving. Right now, they both seem so far away, you’ll absolutely remember that you’ve combined them into the same tubs, right? Not so fast. We discover unused decor every single year because clients thought the same thing!
  4. Not labeling the tubs you stored things in. We also see clients every single year because they bought all new lights because they couldn’t find the old ones. Use LARGE labels, at least 1″ tall, and make them BOLD. A masking tape and Sharpie works fine, or you can use these clever label holders from Smead.
  5. Stacking too many bins and boxes. Ignore the 2×2 rule, and things are going to get broken. If you have an emergency like a basement flood or a mouse invasion, poorly stacked bins and broken down cardboard boxes are not going to be your friends. Invest a little up front to protect against life’s messes. 

5 Mistakes You are Making When Putting Away Christmas Ornaments

Of course, there’s more. If you need a little help figuring out some good ways to store holiday decorations, check here.

And, oh look! Here’s another one to help you organize decorations better this year to enjoy them more for years to come.

Is it time?

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  1. Vicky

    Hi there, I’ve sprnt the past week looking over my daughter in the hospital. She is home now, but of course still requires a lot of time. In addition, I head in for surgery tomorrow to remove Cancer. To help my husband care for the kids and the house (and me when I come home) we have family members that will be in and out. Organization is an absolute weakness for me. Where do I start with getting ready for the weeks ahead? Any suggestion would be great!

    1. Darla

      Hi, Vicky, I’m so sorry. When it rains, it pours, right? Having spent several weeks on my back not too long ago, the best thing you can do is ask for help from your friends and family. Many of us aren’t used to doing that, but the help is there if you just ask for it. Here’s what I did to get my house ready for my surgery. Maybe a few tips in there will help you. And just remember, all this is temporary! Praying you get back to normal in no time. https://heartworkorg.com/2017/02/09/organizing-my-home-for-a-hurt-foot/

  2. Mary

    First, pick a friend you trust implicitly.
    Assign the food/task list to them.
    Rest and take care of yourself.

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