This Organizing Tip Can Save You Hundreds!

This simple organizing tip could save you hundreds this year. If you are organizing your storage areas this week, like I’ve challenged the members of our free Clutter-Free Living group, then you might have run across some things that you mean to return, once upon a time.

Just a note, it is insane how much the light matters in sample photos. The first shot is more true to color, and the second shot is a “long shot” from across the room. So don’t base your entire idea on the color!


Ever have an item to return, but can’t find the receipt? Then find the receipt, but misplaced the item?

Tape the receipt TO the item, then MOVE it to your car. Next time you are running errands, you’ll have both the item and the receipt to make the return.

What can you return to make a little money today?