The 5 Don’ts of Home Decluttering

Today we’re moving on from kitchens, and I’m encouraging my Facebook Clutter-Free Living group to start organizing their storage spaces and closets this weekend. I like to keep it positive, but today we’re talking about what not to do when organizing your home.


1. Don’t wait. Start today.

2. Don’t confuse sorting with organizing. Did you know that you can sort a mess and still not be organized? I see it every day.

3. Don’t start with paper or books, unless that’s your only issue. Closets, kitchens, any organizing project that is “stuff” rather than paper will be easier.

4. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Don’t give yourself a big, impressive (overwhelming?) 30-day schedule to declutter if that’s not your natural style. DO set a calendar appointment to organize something every day for just 15 minutes. Regular small bits of organizing will produce steady progress. If you do 15 minutes of organizing and are in the groove, you can always do more. My favorite method? Never leave a room empty-handed. I’m moving things around all day long, as I go from room to room, but just by handfuls.

5. Don’t start with really old clutter. Start with today’s mess. Today’s mail. Your kid’s backpack. The laundry that’s actually in, on or near the washer.


How to get organized- Never leave a room empty-handed


Easy-peasy. Do go organize something today.