Clever Kitchen Organizers (Kitchen Space Savers)

If you are looking for space, look within. Seriously, I’ve come to appreciate the space-saving qualities that stacking, nesting, and folding items can bring. Of course, if you already own the non-stacking version of these things, you’ll have to strategically swap them out when it makes sense. But sometimes, the answer to needing more space is making your current stuff more space efficient. I’ve shown you my folding whisk before. Here are some more clever kitchen organizers that help save space. This post is chock full of affiliate links, so you go straight to Amazon for product info, and I’ve saved you the shopping trip.

Clever Kitchen Organizers (Kitchen Space Savers)

One could argue that you don’t need this many skillets, but if you have them, this is a pretty nice way to store them. Caveat: this doesn’t actually save space. It just makes it easier to get to the ones on the bottom. This pot and lid holder can also be turned on it’s side to hold things like platters and cutting boards, too.

Speaking of lids, would this slider to hold and organize lids work for you?


Sure, you already have a set of stacking bowls, , but do they hold your measuring cups, too? And are they as colorful as this?


It’s the same idea here, but with a stacking mesh strainer and a colander. My colander is over 30 years old and cracked, so I might be upgrading to this soon. 

These clever space-saving folding trivets are both colorful and minimalist.

This compact large utensil set might replace a whole mess of broken spoons and melted spatulas in your counter crock.

This bowl doesn’t fold or stack, but it does rinse, mix, drain and serve all in one bowl. Could be the perfect bowl. Or does it look too weird?

Last time I went looking for spice jars, they were really, really expensive. This spice jar set may save you space, but it’s going to take a bit of work to get there. I’m not a huge fan of decanting spices, but hey, if it makes you happy. Oh, and look, there’s a mini funnel included that looks like it might be collapsible. Score!


This set of dishes will definitely save you space in the kitchen. Not only are Corelle dishes strong, break-resistant, lightweight and kid-friendly, they are thinner than most other dishes, making them cabinet-friendly. You could go with traditional round dishes, but these square ones will fit perfectly in your cabinets. Because your cabinets are rectangular, not round. Right. Why do we have round dishes????

I’m not sure why these counter stool step ladders ever went out of style. I love their design, and we’ve even painted one to incorporate it into a modern office design

Remember, I actually don’t want you to buy anything to get organized. But if you have items that don’t really perform all that well, like my cracked colander that needs replacing, or if you are buying something new for one of your kids or friends, look for a version that stack, nests, or folds before you buy anything. Minimal design is very trendy these days.

Ready for another time-saving recipe? Try this Salmon Cheese Casserole.

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