Spice Cabinet Kitchen Organizing

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There are so many good ways to organize spices in your kitchen, many of them discussed in my latest book. If you haven’t yet checked out the five steps to organize every space in your home, you can read more at this article. So don’t let a lack of imagination thwart your organizing efforts in the kitchen. Here’s a grand tour of a cabinet that we organized to hold every spice and condiment you can think of.

Starting on the top shelf, we stored some cake decorating supplies in stackable bins. These are great for a high shelf, because they don’t get used every day.

spice cabinet kitchen organizing (1) cake decorating supplies

You know how oils can leave a film on your cabinet shelves? Contain the mess and put all the oils in a plastic bin that you can wash. Bins also make it much easier to get to the ones hiding in the back.

spice cabinet kitchen organizing (1)

Then we have a shelf that holds two stackable trays of spices. the spices in the lower tray lie down, and ones in the upper tray stand at attention.

spice cabinet kitchen organizing spice trays

The canisters and clear jars hold the rest of the baking supplies, sauces and snacks. You’ll notice that we don’t have anything in plastic bags on these shelves, because bags make it very hard to stack and file kitchen things. The secret to making this slim-but-deep cabinet work is really putting things in trays and clear containers.

spice cabinet kitchen organizing

We’ve been back in this house several times, and we noticed that once we started using 1″ label tape, things really started to stay where they belonged. Bigger labels are definitely better.

What did you notice about this spice cabinet that might work in your home? Pin for later.

Spice Cabinet Kitchen Organizing

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