How to Decorate After Christmas

Taking the tree down and un-decorating the house can feel like a big letdown. In fact, I know some people who leave their tree up right through Easter because it seems like such a sad event to take it down. Here’s how to decorate after Christmas to get you through winter’s darkest days.

How to Decorate After Christmas

4 Strategies for Mid-Winter Decorations

Turn on the lights. One of the things that we like abut Christmas is the twinkle lights on porches, trees and, well, everywhere. Bring out the candles and actually light them up. If you have pets or kids, the battery-powered candles are a really respectable stand-in. Tiny LED party lights and fairy lights are also very trendy right now. They look very farmhouse chic in a hurricane vase or mason jar. 

Go red. The next major holiday is Valentine’s day, so some of that Christmas red can carry you through the next six weeks. You can leave red Christmas florals up through February 14. Get some extra mileage out of those red bows and flowers, table runners and wreaths. 

Mix it all up. A complete room redesign says fresh! By using your things in a whole new arrangement, you can have an entirely new look with a one-day room redesign but without a huge pro tag. Our team loves to do one-day room redesigns. It’s the ultimate instant gratification. For just $595, we do the heavy lifting, and you get that fun reveal just like they do on TV. (Oh my gosh, is this my room? I never would have thought to do that!)

Now is a great time to paint. If your walls have a brown undertone, or a muted feel, mid-winter is when you see it the most. Why not pick a lighter, brighter color and enjoy it right now? Decorate your home after Christmas, and get a jump on your New Year organizing projects. With the new no-VOC paints, there’s no reason you can’t paint in the middle of winter. How exciting!

Do you have another way that you perk up your winter look? Please do tell!

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  1. Bernita McClure

    I will b taking live tree down today. 😢Usually can leave it up til new years but it is way too dry! I started a while ago putting up the battery operated led mini lights. Looks lovely on the mantel so Think I’ll b doing more of that.


    I agree completely with the lights idea! A few years back I mentioned to my husband (after all the decor was tucked away) that I wasn’t sure why I felt so blue. He said he thought the mantel seemed too dark – so we added lights year round! Really makes a difference, even on soft summer nights with breeze billowing curtains. Pretty cool for a guy to figure that out!

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