The Snail Sakk for Mail Slots

The Snail Sakk is not only fun to say, it once again proves that you can look to Amazon to solve nearly any problem. This little mail slot organizer is easy to find…once you know to search for a mail slot catcher.

One of my clients had moved into an old house that was new to her. It has that sweet porch that is really an extra room for the house, and the vintage door came with its very own vintage mail slot. And that vintage mail slot emptied on to the floor of that lovely old house, making the entry not-so-lovely.

If your mail slot is located on a wall or sidelight next to the door, then you can place a basket under it, and your problem is solved, because neither the slot or the basket will move. But if the mail slot is on the door, then you have to attach something to the door to contain the mess that the mail makes.

Enter the Snail Sakk, the “snail mail” catcher for mail slots (affiliate link). With two strips of Velcro, you attach the sack to the door.

Snail Sakk mail sack for mail slots asttaches with velcro

The mail comes in the mail slot and the sack catches it. To retrieve the mail, you can unhook the top flap if you want to, but I’d leave it attached at the top if I were you, so you don’t wear out the Velcro. You can simply reach in either side of the Snail Sakk to retrieve the mail.

Snail Sakk mail sack for mail slots pouch for mail



This mail slot organizer comes in several colors. We like the blue. Voila! No more mail on the floor.

Snail Sakk mail sack for mail slots in blue

A mail slot catcher is such an easy little solution to a vexing problem for homeowners with older homes! I hope if you haven’t heard of the Snail Sakk that you’ll let me know what you think of it.

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  1. susan596

    Thanks for sharing this product. I have never heard of it and will be sure to pass it on to clients who live in older homes.

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