Things I’ve Never Told You

Are you asking Why is my organizer talking about money? Who does she think she is?

A better question is why this business woman organizing garages?

Here’s the story I’ve never told you.

Money isn't everything...but it helps. Money Course

I paid for college myself, one semester at a time, while working full-time, and still graduated in four years with no student loans. I remember losing sleep and being stressed about my increasing credit card debt and deciding not to live like that anymore.

I bought my first house at 19 years old. A mortgage was cheaper than rent, but it was also a fast track to an education on how money works. (I cried during the settlement because the realtor lied to us about closing costs.)

My early divorce – and fighting over a mortgage that was underwater – was another class in the school of hard knocks.

Because my company paid for it, I got my MBA ASAP, even though it meant driving three hours into Philadelphia three nights a week after work for four long years, even summers.

That job also had me working with a business budget of $300 million. #Perspective.

In my late twenties, two books changed my life. Financial Peace and Your Money or Your Life. If you don’t take my course, please go read them. (affiliate links)

Image-Budgets are bad

The first mortgage my husband and I paid off was a game changer. That laid the groundwork to leave my punishing corporate job at age 35.

Since then, I’ve run a profitable small business, published a business book for women, and helped people handle their money and financial matters hiding in their clutter. I was a financial nerd before it was cool. I’m also trying to pass on good money habits to my girls…and NOT by teaching them that “nice girls don’t talk about money.”

I almost didn’t launch this course. That small voice inside my head whispered… Who am I to teach people about money?

But then again…who am I to keep all this financial education to myself?

Lindy jumped on this course before the public launch, and put her thoughts on video, which is difficult if you aren’t on camera all the time, but she did a great job. (below) If this course can do for other people what it did for Lindy, then this labor of love and all the hours of preparation that we’ve put into it will be worth it.

You can enroll in the course anytime, starting at just $120. I recommend the VIP course, because it comes with all the course content AND a 1-hour private meeting with me, via video call.

Now that you know more about my story, are you ready to change yours?

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