Swim Lessons (An Organizing Story)

My gym has the most amazing thing…adult swim lessons.

Swim Lessons (An Organizing Story)

If you know how to swim, you might not think this is so amazing. But if you are an adult who never learned to swim – whoa!- adult swim lessons??? Who are these brave souls???? How do they find the courage to leave the edge of the pool?

Sure, you can get old and die without ever learning to swim. But once you know how to swim, think of how much more FUN the world is! Visiting the beach. Going out on a weekend boat trip with friends. Swimming with dolphins. Hanging at the pool with your kids or grandkids.

These people who are learning to swim as adults are amazing. They are changing their lives! Not only theirs, but they are more likely to teach their kids to swim, and their grandkids, and everyone who comes after them. 

What does this have to do with organizing? And what does it have to do with organizing your money?

People tell me that they never learned to manage money as a young person. They feel like they are faking it when it comes to finances. They imagine that everyone else knows how to swim. They think they are the only ones who don’t know how.

You need to know three things…

First, you aren’t the only one sitting on the side of the pool. There are plenty of people who pay their bills late, who don’t have an emergency fund, and who are living paycheck to paycheck. You are not alone.

Second, you can take swim lessons. Maybe you didn’t learn about money back in the day…but that doesn’t define you today. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Money management doesn’t take anything more than 3rd grade math.

  • Addition.
  • Subtraction.
  • Maybe a little multiplication and division.

Third, you don’t learn to swim by forgetting depriving yourself! You don’t learn to swim by forgetting how to walk! You learn how to swim by learning how you and the water work together.

In the same way, you don’t learn to manage money by depriving yourself. You learn how to manage money by learning how to work with money, not against it. You totally CAN do this. 

That’s it!

If you fail at swimming, it can literally be life threatening. You can drown. Money management? It won’t kill you. No, really. It won’t.

But once you learn to swim, once you learn to get ahold of your money, everything changes.

Even if you feel like you’re failing at organizing your money today, you can only get better at it! Why? Because it’s only 3rd grade math!

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Today is the day you learn to swim.

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