Declutter by Selling Online- Online Sales Sites You Should Know About

Everybody wants to sell something. They’ve heard it’s easy. They’ve heard you make money. But what is the skinny on online sales sites, for real?

Online Sales Sites You Should Know About to help you declutter (Beyond eBay)

There aren’t many places that will sell your stuff for you. Ten years ago, there was an eBay reseller on every corner in my town. Today? None are left. None. What the owners told me is that 90% of the stuff that people want to sell is junk. The 10% of saleable items is where you make the money. And there just wasn’t enough of the profitable items for those places to make money.

Flash forward to 2018, I have a handful of eBay reseller names in my back packet, but none of my clients, NONE, have ever been willing to hand over their items and pay the 40% of the sales price to the seller.

Flash forward again to 2022, and most people I know have a closet of things to sell online, but still have never listed anything on their own…until we help them.

In general, if you are going to try to sell your stuff online, be aware that:

  • Name brands sell better.
  • Pictures matter! If you aren’t willing to take several good pictures of your item, don’t bother.
  • Small items that ship easily sell better, but you can actually ship anything.

To learn all the steps, in order, of how to best prep and sell your stuff online, click here.

The Definitive Guide to Organizing by Selling Online (Ebay, CraigsList, and others)


These sites do change frequently, so check back as needed for updates, or to tell me about one that you’ve found and love.

Online Resale Sites For Furniture, Exercise Gear, and Home Accessories

Facebook MarketPlace



Letgo app

Chairish app

ApartmentTherapy classifieds

PlayItAgainSports (same company as Platos Closet and Style Encore)

eBay Valet through FexEd Office


Online Clothing Resale Sites:

ThredUp (They take mall brands)

TheRealReal (they only take very high end brands from the list found on their site)

Platos Closet / Style Encore (They purchase your clothes outright. This is not consignment.)

GreenStreet (Seasonal consignment of better brands, no fast fashion brands.)


Tradesy (They make your clothes and accessories look better by removing backgrounds from your images )

Pinterest (Yes, Pinterest!, although you’ll just post on the site, and handle the transactions through your own payment service. It’s the DIY approach to reaching your best fans.)

CashInMyBag (They only take very high end bags and accessories)

ReBag (High end bags)


One Ring to Rule them All

The sites above are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a new specialty online sales site popping up nearly every day. How would you ever list on them all? A new service called ListPerfectly does just that. Marni Jameson writes about how ListPerfectly works, and it’s worth looking into for a large haul. Would it work for you? Comment below and let me know.


Don’t forget about Just Between Friends fall and spring sales, nationwide, but also in the Philadelphia area. The specialize in children’s clothing (through teens), sporting gear, baby gear, games, toys and more. Check the Just Between Friends website for fall sales happening now. (Disclosure: I am a paid influencer for the #JBFPhilly sale, and I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about it!.)