Lightning, Floods, Storms and Fires

lightning, storms, flood, fire, organize with a home inventory



My BFF’s 100 year old tree was hit by lightning this summer, and had to be professionally removed ASAP.

Yesterday a client told me that her basement has flooded twice in the last seven years, despite the fact that it has a sump pump and battery backup.

I used to run on the ambulance for our local volunteer fire company. The fact that house fires are rare doesn’t matter one bit when it’s your house burning down. 

You may not have an active volcano in your back yard like the folks in Hawaii, but they didn’t plan on that happening this year, either!

I can’t even remember the names of all the newsworthy US-based fire/hurricane/flood/tornados in the last three years. 

No one is immune from mother nature and the storms she sends our way.

Insurance companies, estate attorneys, organizers and so many others recommend every homeowner take a home inventory. In fact, one 2017 Santa Rosa fire victim said, “everyone should have a home inventory and please take one now.” HomeZada home inventory app

I want to help you get prepared for that what if. I’ve mentioned HomeZada in a previous post, and even had Beth Dodson, one of the founders, give a special 35 minute webinar just for my audience, which you can listen to anytime (click the link).

Did you know that HomeZada has a FREE home inventory app? You simply use your phone or digital camera to take unlimited photos of your rooms, the items throughout your home, and your outdoor living spaces and store them safely and securely in HomeZada. You can add documents, item details or even paint colors. It really couldn’t be easier. 

If anything were to happen to your home or even just your electronic devices, you have all the information about your home in a safe, secure cloud solution that you can access with an internet connection.

Don’t want to put your private info in the cloud? I get it, but the info you store with HomeZada isn’t going to make you a target for identity theft. There’s no banking or financial information involved in your home inventory. There is a higher risk of letting your Roomba run free than getting hacked through HomeZada. And really, if your home is at risk, where else will your information about your home be safe? 

This is a good time to get prepared and to take a home inventory of your home and its contents. No time like the present. Get started today.

If making a home inventory has been on your list of to-do’s, give us a call, and we’ll make quick work of it. It takes us just one appointment to do each floor of your home. 

Disclosure: I am a Homezada affiliate, and I may receive a commission if you purchase. This doesn’t change the fact that I took the time to store my own home inventory with HomeZada. 

Not ready to do a whole home inventory? Start by just gathering your photos together in one place, so you know what you have, and taking steps to protect them. Take a picture of the pile of your albums and loose photos, and upload that into HomeZada to get you started. (Yes, that’s taking a picture of your pictures. It’s a thing.)

A big project can be overwhelming, but by starting with something that you really care about, like your photos, you can make important inroads to #SaveYourPhotos and eventually protect your home’s entire contents.