Jewelry Organizing (With SORT and SUCCEED)

I love seeing how people organizing jewelry, because everyone does it a little differently. Even better, I love it when I am the one who gets to organize it! 

Here, the client had almost everything that she needed to organize. The SORT and SUCCEED system was all it took to get this organized. I know that some of you are already overwhelmed, but I promise, this is a very satisfying project!

Before of the dresser: 

Jewelry organizing

After of the dresser: 

jewelry organizing in a dresser

Before of the jewelry chest: 

Jewelry organizing

After of the jewelry chest: 

Jewelry organizing

This whole project took about 3 hours, including a few things you can’t see, like organizing the scarves, going through several other dresser drawers, and entertaining one very adorable 6 year old. She wasn’t part of the jewelry stash, but she was pretty excited to find that some of the jewelry got passed down to her.

Whenever we do a project like this, there is usually a stash of fashion glasses and sunglasses. 

Jewelry organizing and glasses

There is ALWAYS a stash of buttons. Hey, did you know that a video on buttons was one of my very first YouTube videos? Boy, did I take a beating for that one. If you care to leave a nice comment, please do! Geesh!

Jewelry organizing and buttons

Then we have the stuff to donate…

The stuff to sell, mostly gold and silver, which is actually worth taking to your jeweler…

Jewelry organizing to sell

And the items to be fixed.

Jewelry organizing

And one of my favorite things, was taking an old tie and covering it with this gal’s pins, mementos of her trips. Instead of gathering these as cutter in the drawer, we showcased them, and ended up hanging this up on the wall (not shown). 

Jewelry organizing, pins

As I mentioned, this took just a few hours, but having organized jewelry makes life easier every day. No more digging through the drawers every morning, or looking at a chaotic scene on the dresser. She’s enjoying her beautiful things and getting ready in a flash. 

Did this post give you any ideas on how to organize your jewelry?