Back to School Toothbrush Hack

If you’re like me, you’ll do anything for an easier morning, am I right? This little toothbrush hack helps us out, especially on school mornings. If you are looking for a new BTS morning hack, try this out. 

I’ve had my kids brush their teeth after breakfast at the kitchen sink for years. If I send them upstairs after breakfast, I might never see them again. But the way the toothbrushes were stored was no good, I’m ashamed to say. (Right, I know most of the world stores cleaning supplies under their sink, but we never have, especially since the kids were small.)

BTS toothbrush hack (1)

So I’ve been on the lookout for a small container with a flat back that I could attach to the cabinet door. I lucked out in Staples one day, with these locker pen holders. They were on clearance for $1 each. 

BTS toothbrush hack

The back is outfitted with a magnet, which does me no good on a wooden cabinet door. So I got may favorite go-to product for stick, 3M Command Strips. I am continually amazed at how many people don’t know these exist, or don’t know how to use them. Find these large size 3M Command Strip Picture Hangers here.   (affiliate link)

BTS toothbrush hack (1)

Just add them to the back, right over the magnet. 

BTS toothbrush hack using Command Strips

So maybe hanging things on cabinet doors isn’t news. But having kids get out of the house, on time is! And because these Command Strips are in a 2-part hook and loop style, I can take it off the door when needed, rinse, and replace. 

And this looks so much nicer than everything tossed in a bin at the bottom of the cabinet, that’s for sure. 

BTS toothbrush hack on cabinet doors