Chalkboard Sign DIY Hack

Do you envy all of those chalkboard signs that are so popular these days? So cute, right? I dunno about you, but I will break out a paint brush on a whim. Lumber and saws? I kind of have to be in the mood to go there. What’s a gal to do. [bctt tweet=”Here’s the clever DIY hack to make your own large chalkboard signs.” username=”DarlaDeMorrow”]


Once you have the chalkboard paint, you will have it forever, or at least it will seem like it. Unless you are painting an entire wall, this little quart of chalkboard paint will go a long, long way. I’ve used this for several projects, including these business card chalkboard tags and this amped up lunchbox with a chalkboard front. 

And now for the star of this chalkboard DIY hack. Cardboard. Yup. Cardboard.

We’ve all got a ton of cardboard in our lives these days thanks to Amazon and it’s ilk. In this case, these beautifully trimmed pieces came as packing inside other boxes, but you could easily chop up any old cardboard box for the size that you need. 

From this point out, it’s like any other painting project. But since this is a hack, and these signs are likely to be temporary, you don’t have to prime or be super careful about painting. Just layer on two coats of your chalkboard paint. 

Once dry, these chalkboard sign hacks will really stand up well. Use regular chalk or chalk markers. You can wipe them dry, and you can also wipe them wet to clean them off completely.

You could use them for picnic signs or seasonal displays. We use them for first day of school signs. The bonus of using cardboard is that it’s super light, and little hands won’t have any trouble striking a pose with it.

chalkboard sign DIY hack


While you might think of these chalkboard signs as temporary, we’ve used ours for at least 3 years now, so don’t be afraid to clean them off and re-use over and over!

Does this give you a fresh idea for using chalkboard signs in your life? Pin for later.

Chalkboard Sign DIY Hack