LOOK UP! Go Vertical for Even More Organized Spaces

“Go vertical” is tried and true organizing advice. Usually we are talking about bookcases and shelves, but often there is space well above your head that can be used for organizing things for things you don’t use every day.

This example of organizing vertically is a quick and easy way to get a little bit more space. In a home with 9 foot ceilings, there is plenty of space up high to be used, even though the storage spaces like this pantry are relatively small. But you can see how much further the ceiling extends above the door frame.

Pantry vertical space organizing (2)

What this homeowner lacks is space to hang her table runners, which get used in the room right next to this pantry. If we had more space, we’d install a rack just for linens. But what we really need is space just to hang the runners, instead of folding them in a drawer.┬áBy going up the wall, we can hang runners completely out of the way. You can walk in and out of this pantry all day, and never miss the space they hang in, because it is all overhead.

Pantry vertical space organizing (2)

You’ll notice that the hooks were hung what some might consider off-center. This was to accommodate the width of the hangers and the slant of the ceiling. (It might look like it’s hung crooked, but I promise you that it’s not. It’s just incredibly hard to photograph small spaces.

Pantry vertical space organizing (2)

We have a few runners in here now, and easily room for 2-4 more on the empty hangers.

Pantry vertical space organizing (2)


Is there some vertical space in your home that is going wasted right now?



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