Of Mice and Macs

Hey Mac users, stop struggling with you mac! Did you know there is a way to make everything easier???  Use the right-click on your mouse.

How to right-click on a mac

Don’t have a mouse for your mac? If you are a former PC user, it’s likely you are only using a small portion of your Mac’s functions because you didn’t know how to get to all that stuff that you used to find on your PC’s mouse with a right click. But it’s still there!

How to right click on a Mac’s touchpad: Click the touchpad with two fingers at the same time. There ya go.

How to right-click on a Mac’s mouse:

If you already have an Apple Magicmouse, you might be able to change your settings to get to the right-click for Mac.

You might need to upgrade your mouse. Nearly any wireless mouse will do. Here’s the mouse I use to right-click on my Mac. It even looks like the Apple magic mouse, but it has the right-click built-in, too! (affiliate link)

For a couple of bucks, there’s no reason to keep fighting with your Mac. Start right-clicking today.