Organizing Your Money – Free Mini Course Available Now!

You may think of me as your favorite professional organizer, but I got into organizing because I was also into helping people become their amazing selves…whether it came to their wardrobe or their file folders or their finances.
We’re about to launch a brand new money management course that my followers have been itching to get their hands on for months. But before we do, my team and I want to make sure it’s what you expect. So we’re making a mini-course available to you right now.

Even better, this mini-course is yours, free for the asking. Just click here.

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This organizing mini-course is going to walk you through 5 important steps to managing your money.

Maybe you’ve already taken some sort of money management course. (Clients hire me to help them with these topics every week.)

Maybe you wonder if you’ll have time. (Each of the five mini-lessons takes as little as five minutes, and no more than 30 minutes.)

Maybe you are afraid you will be too complex. (It’s third grade math. I promise you can do this!)

Maybe you are afraid it will be too techie. (All you need is a pencil and 3 pieces of paper.)

There’s no catch to this mini-course, unless you consider giving up your email as a catch. (Heads up, you already gave me your email address or subscribed to my articles some other way out in cyber-land. I hope you find the weekly articles and monthly newsletters valuable. If you need to unsubscribe, I’ll be sad, but I’ll love you anyway.)

If you’ve got organizing your money all figured out, but you know someone who could use some help with organizing their money, feel free to forward this email (or share on social media) and encourage them to take this free mini-course.

Ready to start to organize your money? Start here.

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