Organizing Your Money (Without a Budget)

I don’t want to let another day pass without getting this post out. Seriously, I am so stinking excited to talk to you about…money. Well, organizing money.

What would your life be like if your money were more organized

You folks have told me over and over again that my next class or book should be about about money. You want to know how to do the things my clients have done. How many of these things have you done in the last year?

  • Saved over $200 per month by cancelling unused services and subscriptions
  • Paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt.
  • Saved over $25K.
  • Paid for a big European vacation…in cash.
  • Paid off a debt to the IRS, and stayed out of tax trouble.
  • Started saving in a 401K or IRA.
  • Recovered money from expired gift cards and checks.
  • Received a check for over $100 from a class action suit.
  • Set up protection from identity theft.
  • Made money from selling stuff.

and more…

SORT and SUCCEED is more than a system to organize your sock drawer. You can use it to organize your money, too!

Start. Start with a written plan. Something manageable, like, “My plan is to eliminate all nuisance fees,” or, “My plan is to figure out how to pay for summer camp without charging it on the credit card.” See? Just solve one problem at a time. 

Organize into groups. Income. Expenses. Savings. Debt. It’s pretty straightforward. 

Reduce, release, reset. Everyone, and I mean everyone, can find something that they want to stop paying for. No, not the fun things in life. You want more of those, right? But once you really get a good picture of your finances, not just what you think you know, you can make some really good decisions. When you reset your financial picture from seeing everything go down the drain, to building up your reserves, it starts to feel like a competition, a game, and you’re always the winner.

Tweaking your money is not only about tweaking what you spend, but also how you feel about your money. I never say, “I have to go to work.” Seriously, I love my job so much, that I frequently say, “I get to work this Saturday.” Instead of, “I can’t afford…,” many times the phrase really should be, “I am making another choice for my money.”

Succeed and celebrate. Have you reached any financial milestones recently? A certain amount saved? A debt paid off? Did you celebrate? Seriously, if not now, when??? 

What would it look like to SORT and SUCCEED with your money?

What would your life be like if you could get your money more organized?

Just in case you are wondering, I have NOT signed up with any cult, MLM or financial company. I’m not selling anything except my book, but you already knew about the book. You already knew that those same 5 steps can help you organize your time, information and money. Available now: a free mini-course to help you start organizing your money.

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I’ve made a little video for you. I’d love to hear what you think.