Organizing the Front Porch

When you have loads of stuff you aren’t using, not only can it feel overwhelming, but you probably are missing out on using some of your home, as well. When the space you’ve given up to clutter is a gorgeous covered porch, organizing the front porch can really feel like you are increasing the size of the house!

Read through this article, and at the end I’ll let you know how long this project took us. Can you guess how long it took?

When this is your front porch…and your front door, it’s going to be hard to enjoy this great space!

rganize the front porch

This porch just keeps going and going!

organize the porch and furniture


You might notice that there is an abundance of chairs. Lots of chairs. Lots of cushions.

organize the front porch

The thing is, some of the chairs belong on the back patio, which is looking a little unloved.

organizing the porch and back patio


The steps for organizing a big project like this is the same as any other organizing project, believe it or not. SORT and Succeed.

Start- This gal moved in a little over a year ago. It hasn’t been the right time to start the project until now, believe it or not. But now with spring finally here, it would be a crime not to enjoy this porch and patio.

Organize into groups. Just like any other project, we grouped all the little things together and moved them to the right space in the house. Since this is where the mail and packages get delivered, it’s always been a bit of a jumble at the front door. Once we separated packages from household things, it started to go faster.

Reduce, release and reset. Honestly, there wasn’t a huge amount of getting rid of things. Mostly, it was resetting. We couldn’t possibly get the porch organized without resetting the chairs and their cushions and the umbrellas in the right place, on the back patio.

organize the porch and patio

Tweaking included moving all the empty pots to a holding spot on the side of the garden. We tweaked the front entrance with a 3-piece seating arrangement, which will be a great place to hold the mail until she can bring it in and deal with it.

organize the porch for a mail station

We also tweaked the corner and created a lovely indoor seating area.

porch seating through organizing

Just look at all that space! Yes, that’s a third seating area on that beautiful porch!

organizing the porch

I love the little details that emerge. This beautiful country pail can hold birdseed where it’s needed, and it’s just a cheery shot of color. Also, it was on the porch the whole time, but it was underneath piles of clutter before. Now we actually get to see it.

accessories on the porch

But the outside area has to be my favorite. We agreed that her reward and celebration should be inviting over some friends to enjoy her new outdoor space!

organize the back patio

If this were your porch (or maybe it is!), how long would this project take you to complete?

The three of us (the homeowner, me, and one of my team members) organized this space in three hours flat. I’m honored to have a great working relationship with the homeowner, and my staffers are always great, so we all keep each other energized and moving.

And now, she gets a whole “new” space to enjoy!

If you’ve been stuck on a project like this for a while, please contact me, and we can either work hands-on or work with you virtually, so you can enjoy your entire home again!

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Organizing the Front Porch