Are You Storing Air? (Organizing Cabinets)

Just a quickie today…if you are looking for a quick organizing project with a big payback, go find where in your home you are storing air.

Empty boxes, plastic bins, shoe boxes and glass jars like those you see here are storing air.

organizing your home inside cabinets


Nearly this entire shelf is full of empty glass jars. Storing air.

Maybe keep one or two, but most people have this many jars because they thought perhaps this latest one would work out better than some earlier ones…but there was never a good time to look at them all and make that decision.

Today’s the day.

If you’ve got cabinets full of empty glass jars while food and dishes sit on your counter, this is an easy fix with just a few minutes of organizing.

If you’ve got garage shelves full of empty flower pots and buckets while expensive tools sit on the floor, today is your day to organize.

If you are tripping over cluttered closets while you store empty shoeboxes, today is the day to organize your closets.

Your organizing containers may be the worst culprit. Do you have empty bins that are storing air, but are meant to help you organize?

empty organizing bins

Let me know how you make out. And no more storing air, m’kay?

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  1. Danielle Atkins

    Just decluttered and organised my pantry shelf housing too many empty jars! Recycled and re-purposed where I could so it was a double win as it also helped me organise loosely packaged herbs on my other shelf. All in under 10 minutes! Thanks Darla

    1. Darla

      It happens to the best of us. 🙂 Glad I could give you some inspiration. That’s a quick little project that anyone can do…even when you might be working with only one arm.

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