What You are Missing at the Just Between Friends #JBFPhilly Spring Sale

Let’s just call it what it is. #JBFPhilly is a game for me, and I am winning!

#JBFPhilly sale

This is a sponsored post, but if you follow me, you know I have a long history as a shopper and consignor with this sale.

You may remember my post from earlier explaining that the average family spends $1200 each year to keep two kids in clothes. Well, I spent $301.80 this time around, just a bit more than I really wanted to spend, but when my average cost per item was only $4.18, it’s hard to decide what to put back!

In summary, here’s what I scored at #JBFPhilly this time:

58 clothing items for my 11 yo, including 3 swimsuits and a rash guard, and clothes for my 8 yo.

A brand new sewing kitty craft kit. Retails for $12.

A brand new lunch bag (I keep one in the closet for the one they destroy or lose midway through the school year). Retails for $20.

A blue battery-operated Lego alarm clock for my 11 yo. Retails for $54. Whaaaaatttt? This alone might have been worth the JBF tab. She has never wanted to get up in the morning. Today she set her alarm, woke up and got herself dressed before I was even in the shower. Miracle!!

A solid pink twin sheet set– like new. Retails for $21.

The Book of How It Works and another referemce book. (I have no idea how Batman’s lasers work kids. Why don’t you go look it up??) Retail $20.

A brand new Spirograph set for $3.50. Remember those? Retails for $21.

Eddie Bauer tote. Retails for about $70.

A guitar. For realz. And it includes online lessons. Retail $40.

I also grabbed blankets and seat protectors for the car. Retail is in the neighborhood of $30, but really, as they say, priceless when you only have to wash a blanket instead of burning the car after there has been throw up.

And the very last item was a Wendy Bellissimo basket for my new baby, Nina Natalia. Retail $40.


For those doing the math at home, that’s $328 retail value for the non-clothing goods that I only spent $301.80 on, PLUS basically I got an entire summer’s worth of clothes (58 items) for the equivalent of free! 


But what about those clothes? Don’t kids get picky about what they wear, especially tweens? Yes, mine are very picky! They picked their favorites right out of the pile so they could model them for you!


Seriously, I had to stop them, folks, or you’d have 50 some more pictures to look through. They did not say no to anything I bought. Whew!

It may look like I bought all the good stuff, but that is not the case. Plus, JBF brings in new inventory tonight (Friday night) to keep the place going until Sunday. Did I mention Sunday is half-price day? If you play the game right, you could do even better than I did.

But I am stilling #winning.

Visit Just Between Friends site for all the information about times and locations for the rest of this sale, and links to the sales coming up in Lancaster (April 5-7), Lower Bucks, (April 13-15) and Reading (April 26 – 29). Plus, look at the fun special events scheduled for the next two days. You’ve gotta go.


If you make it to the sale, be sure to come back and comment on what you fab find was!