What’s That Paint – Paint Can Labels

I’m not sure what it is about winter weather that makes people want me to talk about garage organizing, but it’s a real thing. So, here’s one of my favorite organizing items to help you get organized where you store your paint.

By the way, you should be storing leftover paint inside. If it’s stored in the freezing garage, it’s not going to last as long.

Ever go back and not remember at all where you used that paint? Why you have 5 different shades of trim paint? Whether this blue or that blue was in the room that you’ve since painted twice over? These labels are fabulous for getting down the details when they are still fresh.

Yeah, because is this is as far as you got last time, well, that’s better than most, but really?

They come in gallon and quart size. Isn’t $5 for a pack worth your sanity? Get them at the Container Store.


Ah. It’s the little things. #Organize