Just Between Friends Philly Spring Consignment Sale #JBFPhilly

It’s all knees and ankles this time of the year at my house! No matter how much I try to squeeze them down, my girls both manage to outgrow their clothes the month before the Just Between Friends Philly sales in the spring and fall. This post is sponsored by #JBFPhilly, but if you’ve been around here long, you know that I don’t hawk too many things besides my books, and this is one of the few! Thank goodness for #JBFPhilly.

Just Between Friends Philly Spring Consignment Sale #JBFPhilly

Apparently, an average US household will spend about $750 per year to clothe their kid according to government surveys. Your mileage may vary, but with two kids, that sounds like a good chunk of change to me. I’m all about financial organizing. I’m just not willing to sacrifice cute to save a buck.

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I lucked out when my kids were babies, and found the Just Between Friends children consignment sales. Consigning and shopping have both been great for me, but shopping is really the essential tool in my mom toolbag.

Just between friends Philly consignment

My plan each spring and fall is simple. See if I can make sure neither girl goes naked until the next #JBFPhilly sale for about $100. Both, not each. Sometimes I have gone over, especially when I’ve bought Christmas presents. But even in the spring there are special things to buy, like swimsuits and sports equipment. Everyone has grown out of their roller skates, so I’ll be on the lookout for those this year.

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So let’s say I spend $100 at the spring sale and $100 at the fall sale. Heck, let’s say I really blow the budget and spend double that, maybe $400 total for the year. That’s saving me over $1,000 compared to what the stats say the US family will spend on clothing two kids. Not bad.

And that’s not even the end of it. I really, really enjoy the fact that I only spend this one day in the spring shopping…and then I won’t shop for them again until the fall! That’s it. I get shoes, jackets, tights, toys, books, bikes and scooters and all the glittery, frilly, unicorn-adorned garb I can grab at this one sale.

Just Between Friend Philly Spring Consignment

But mostly I’ll be looking for jeans that don’t have the knees blown out!

HeartWork Organizing has also helped many a family get out from under their clutter by recommending the #JBFPhilly sale. Sell it now. Seriously, the converted among us will sell everything that our kid has grown out of…and maybe a bit more. If I’m tired of looking at it, it just might get sold. The less we have, the less the kids have to pick up and fight over, am I right?

See what kind of a difference we made decluttering this client’s closet and getting ready for the sale by clicking here. 

Just Between Friend Philly Spring Consignment

Yes, you absolutely have time to sign up and get stuff over to the sale for consignment! Just click here to get all the consignor resources for JBFPhilly. You decide the price of the items, all items are tagged in the JBF computer system, and you know by the end of the sale exactly how much you made. Sweet! All those baby items you have stashed in the basement? It’s time to cash in on them. Yes, all of this stuff sells, and it happens quickly, so make sure you drop yours off.

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If you are on the fence about consigning at the #JBFPhilly sale, read up on some tips from seasoned consignors here. You aren’t alone, and by learning from others, you can really make some good money.

So put these dates on your calendar RIGHT NOW. Seriously, I’ll wait….

Dates: March 15-18 There are daytime and evening hours, so don’t let scheduling get in the way. To save this much money, I will gladly move stuff on my calendar!

Website: http://westernmainline.jbfsale.com/

Location: Greater Philadelphia Expo Center | 100 Station Ave – HALL C, Oaks 19456

Are you a teacher or first time parents/grandparents? Get your pre-sale tickets for the March 14 pre-sale. Selection is awesome on this day.

Plan on going to the first sale day? Get your admission ticket, normally $3 for March 15, but lucky you, get your fee waived with these tickets. You’re welcome. All other days are free admission.

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