Less Bleach, Less Clutter

A while back I wrote about how to keep my towels white without bleach. In researching how to use less bleach, I discovered that there is a natural bleach that we all have in our pantries and medicine cabinets…peroxide plus baking soda.

peroxide and baking soda for laundry stains


Now, if you are like me, you want something that just WORKS! I tried it out on my kids clothes. Why do we even try white clothes for them??? Here’s the stain before, which doesn’t look too bad, but was worse in person.

peroxide and baking soda for laundry stains


My method was very scientific. Shake out a little baking soda onto the stain, dribble a cap-full of peroxide, and use a toothbrush to ensure the whole stain is wet.

apply peroxide and baking soda for laundry stains


Let it soak on the counter for a few hours, wash as normal, and this is what I got. Ta-da!

peroxide and baking soda for laundry stains


My point isn’t that peroxide bleaches things. Don’t we all know that from when we were 15 and tried to lighten our hair? (No, that was just me?) The point is that we have things in our home that do more than one thing. The more multi-tasking you can get your stuff to do, the less you have to own. So, no huge bleach bottle for me! One less big bottle on the shelf.

Do you use this old-school laundry whitening method at your house? Pin To your Laundry Board. Don’t have one? Borrow mine.

Using Peroxide as Bleach Alternative



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