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This week I’m hoping you’ll reconsider some ways that you take care of yourself, maybe try to find a little time to pamper yourself. I very often paint my nails, but not because I’m vain. My nails are so thin that without polish, they will catch on everything and easily fold over on themselves. I had to learn how to care for my nails at an early age, and that meant polishing them Every. Single. Week. Paying for manicures on a regular basis is not for me, so I’ve learned how to get good results at home. Recently I found a nail polish that’s worth knowing about, and wanted to share with you during this week as I highlight some self-care routines that are good for you and your organizing habits.

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Every now and then I do splurge for a manicure and watch what the manicurist is doing so that I can improve my own routine. Recently, I’ve learned:

  • You should swipe your nails with alcohol-soaked pad right before you paint the bare nails. It cleans them from any remaining oils so the polish can stick better.
  • Drying your nails under a fan will dry them faster and harder.
  • Pay for your salon manicure before they apply polish, so you don’t wreck their hard work.

The best tip, however, has been to use a different polish. I can’t use gel polish, which lasts forever is impossible to remove. But CND Vinylux is the next best thing. It is the first polish ever to actually last for 7 days straight for me, and it keeps my nails healthy. You purchase a CND Vinylux  color and the clear CND Vinylux topcoat (pictured below in the black bottle. (affiliate links for your convenience) So far I’ve gotten Irreverent Rose and Denim Patch, and love them both.

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I’ve been hoodwinked and disappointed by so many “long wearing” nail polishes before, but THIS is for real. This is my nails after 7 days. Remember what I do for a living. I don’t baby them at all.

Best Nail Polish after 7 days

CND Vinylux polish is easy to use. Use the same process we’ve all used forever, two coats of color and one coat of the CND Vinylux topcoat. Let dry. Take care of them. I might touch them up at the tips during the week if they are looking really raggedy. This product usually does last 6-10 days. For some reason, the salon treatment lasts a bit longer, and I haven’t been able to figure out why. Use regular polish remover with a cotton ball.

When something works this well, you can throw out all the dried up, crappy nail polishes that clutter up your bathroom, and just go with the good stuff.

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Have you used this nail polish as well? Do you think it’s the best you’ve tried?

Best Nail Polish So Far Pin



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  1. Kristine

    I don’t do manicures regularly either, but when I do I go for the gel manicure. Thanks for sharing this polish. I have had polishes that barely last a day. I started building a wish list of favorite shades.

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