Self Care Ideas- Goat Milk Soap (and Giveaway)

Take a look at your hands. Are they screaming WINTER!?! If you have the same dry, cracked hands that most people have during winter, my heart goes out to you. One of the best ways we have of staying well and avoiding the flu is to wash hands often, but that can lead to painful skin. Want my best self care ideas for dry winter hands? Get your hands on some of my favorite goat milk soap, stat!

goat milk soap from Fresh N Fancy



This is most definitely NOT a sponsored post.

I found Fresh N Fancy three years ago at the Philly Home Show and struck up a conversation with the owners. They are from Maryland, and they have a great story. When they were hit with a job loss during the recession, they had to get creative about keeping their farm going, so they made the goats go to work.

goat milk soap from real goats

They researched different recipes, and came up with goat milk soap and goat milk lotion made fresh from their own goats.

People tell them that their goat milk soap cures all kinds of problems, from dry skin to acne to dog skin allergies to baldness. Scratch that last one…just seeing if you were paying attention. They don’t make any claims of their own. But again, like my henna hair dye self care tip, goat milk soap is a low investment with a potentially high payoff, so I gave it a try.

Right away, I could tell the goat milk soap was making a difference. Almost immediately, within a few days, I was able to stop slathering myself in body lotion every morning. Just by using the goat milk soap in my daily shower, my skin was a lot less itchy.

I now pack goat milk soap when I travel. There is nothing worse than dry hotel air, am I right? Traveling with goat milk soap is an easy self care tip.

I use it on my face occasionally. It stings a bit if you manage to get it in your eyes, but it is great for the rest of my face. They even have a formula that is designed to reduce acne.

Fresh N Fancy goat milk lotion is also lovely, but once I ran out, I realized that it was really the goat milk bar soap that was making the difference in how my skin felt.

goat milk soap and goat milk lotion

The goat milk soap is great for winter skin, but I use it all through the summer, too.

Regular bar soap is a mess because the binder that makes it cake is what causes bathtub rings and soap scum. If you’ve used liquid soap in the shower, you might have noticed you don’t have soap scum anymore. I was afraid that by switching back to goat milk bar soap, I’d have a cleaning problem again, but that hasn’t been the case. Whatever binder is in commercial soaps isn’t in this goat milk soap from Fresh N Fancy.

They had some scents that were in the creme brûlée and s’mores family, but they seem to be out of those now. Yum! They have a wide range of floral, fruity and masculine scents, but the one I use most often is unscented. If you are trying to improve your self care and reduce allergens and irritants, the unscented is the way to go.

I’m no chemist, and can’t tell you why it is so good, but it is! If you are battling dry, winter hands, you need to do yourself a favor and get some Fresh and Fancy Goat Milk Soap.

Commercial soaps and lotions from big brands that say they are made with goat milk don’t work as well for me. It must be the happy, Maryland goats that make the difference. If you are going to take my advice, you may as well go straight to the farm on this one.

That, of course, leads into one of my favorite organizing principles: buy the good stuff, and get rid of or stop buying lots of similar items that aren’t as good. No need to clutter up your bath with products that aren’t good for your skin, if you can easily get this wonderful goat milk soap. It’s also a wonderful gift that won’t become clutter.

Do you need to do something about painful, cracked winter skin? Do you think goat milk soap might work for you?

Because I love you, and it’s Valentine’s Day, enter below for a flash giveaway for a 3-pack of my favorite goat milk soap scents from Fresh & Fancy. I’ll pick a winner this Saturday by 8 am. If you happen to be at the Philly Home Show with me on Saturday or Sunday, you can pick out your own favorite scents, because Fresh N Fancy will also be there. So if you are coming to hear my presentation, make sure to stop by their booth and get some soap for yourself. Let me know if you need tickets to the show. I still have them for you.

Need more self care ideas? Consider natural henna hair dye or my favorite, best nail polish so far.

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  1. Maria

    Love goats milk soap! And love that Fresh & Fancy is a local business. Our household has been making the move to more and more clean and local products.

  2. Barb Wendel

    Loved your post about goats soap. I am 66 and have been itchy in the winter. I used Avon bath oil which I love but residue is a bit annoying. I also have two daughters who are teachers and each has three kids. They are constantly washing hands and complaining about cracked hands. So I just ordered six bars of soap. I am so excited! If I can get to Oaks I will stop by. Thanks. Love your work!!!!!

  3. susan

    I am using lots of lotion and making sure to drink lots of water!

  4. Renee

    hi Darla – I meant to ask you last month about your home show topic–Turn Your Home Into a Model Home—is it about how to stage your home to sell? or getting your house to be a model of organization + peace

    1. Darla

      Renee, actually it’s both, but more the latter. I walk you through the 5-step SORT and SUCCEED process so you can get to YOUR model home, wherever you live today.

  5. Ellen Bacon

    would love to try this soap. I try to put lotion on before I go to bed so it will soak in

  6. Betsy Weaver

    Definitely gonna order some! My husband and I are suffering from dry winter skin terribly! I’ve never tried goat’s milk soap!

  7. Betsy Weaver

    While organizing our master bathroom drawers, I found an old GC for a massage that I gave my husband…he said I could use it. I’m hoping it didn’t expire! Wish me luck.

  8. Jen

    I would love to try these. My skin is itchy all winter!

  9. stella methvin

    Drinking fluids and using Lysol all over the house to ward off these germs.

  10. Jenna

    I’m intrigued by their goat milk facial moisturizer. I’ve repurchased Kate Somerville’s, but it isn’t cheap.

  11. Kayla Klontz

    I’ve been using my humidifier, moisturizers, and lotions so my skin doesn’t dry out.

  12. donna porter

    I use lots moisturizing lotion and drink plenty of water.

  13. Eileen Boyce

    I drink lots of water and eat good stuff.

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