Stretch Carpet Wrinkles if You are Staging Your Home

Old carpet can be a deal killer when staging your home to sell. Even new carpet can look like it’s in bad shape if it’s wrinkled. Did you know that you can stretch carpeting to make it look as good as new? I don’t recommending doing it yourself, although I suppose you could. But if you are having your carpet cleaned before you stage your home, the same team will often stretch the carpet. You won’t believe how great it can look if you stretch carpet before and after cleaning.

Look to the right side of the photo below. Those dark lines between the two game tables are huge wrinkles in otherwise nice carpet.

carpet stretching when home staging

A professional crew came in to clean, and we asked them to stretch the carpet at the same time. It cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 to have it done at the same time, and just look at how great it came out after.

when stretching carpet works for home staging

If you have wrinkles, cleaning and stretching carpet is the way to go. It’s a lot less expensive than replacing it.

Are you looking at that wrinkle in your carpet with a new idea? Please let me know if you decide to stretch carpet where you live.

Stretch Carpet Wrinkles when staging your home