This is Us and Our Photos

The nation watched in sheer joy this week as the Eagles took home the Super Bowl trophy.

Then the nation watched in horror as a good man died saving his family and their photos.

this is us tv show, don't risk your photos, don't risk your life

The first one we can all get behind. The second one, from This Is Us, is just a tragedy.

1. Check batteries in smoke detectors.
2. Plan ahead to save your old photos.
3. VHS tapes are not meant to last forever, so put them “on the cloud”.
4. Don’t risk your life to save photos, slides, films and tapes!

If the SuperBowl episode of This Is Us has you thinking about whether you’d run into a burning building for your photos, then call me or a personal photo organizer colleague today so we can organize your photos and safeguard them for your family!

Prefer to DIY? We have some essential photo organizing resources free and available for you here.