Organizing Labels…All the Labels

Everyone has some kind of odd category they need to organize. Want to guess what mine is? I need to keep labels organized. As in organizing labels and all the things I need for them. I have round labels and square labels. Metal labels, paper labels, and plastic labels. Labels that stick and labels that tie. Label string. Label tape. Tools to cut, punch, and clip. And special label pens. And, oh, yeah, folks expect me to be organized, just as much as I want to be organized.

For your organizing satisfaction today, I’m sharing my organized label case. organized label case

Bottom layer.

organized label case

Top layer.organized label case

Labeled on the outside.organized label case

It may not cure world hunger, but it does make me happy.




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  1. Sue Thornton

    Great idea Darla. So many things need to be organized in an office to make you more efficient.

    1. Darla

      Thanks for stopping by, Sue. You are so right. My little bits happen to be labels, but every business has some type of little bits that need to be organized like this.

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