Why and How to Organize your Freezer

Why and How to Organize your Freezer? I can’t tell you how many people have shared with me that getting fit, healthy or thinner is one of their top goals this year. I really think it’s hard to hit those goals if your kitchen is sabotaging you. Set your kitchen up for success by organizing your freezer. These are my top reasons to organize your freezer before January is over:

  1. Saving money by not throwing food away
  2. Saving money by not buying the same things over and over
  3. Saving money by having a well maintained fridge.
  4. Lose because of power outage.

Why and How to Organize your Freezer

Nobody likes the green popsicles. Or vegetables that you would never eat.

The freezer is where good intentions go to die. Keeping it longer does not make it cheaper.

Summer is when people switch over to a summer/grilling menu. If you shop at the big box stores, you might need room for that mega box of burgers. I tend to eat completely different food in the winter…more comfort foods and less grilling.

Start with this step! Spend a week or two “eating down the pantry”. See how creative you can get.

While you are at it, you are going to come across things that you just would not eat. Toss them.

You won’t starve. I promise! (Just like you won’t go naked if you organize your closet.)

Don’t have enough for a meal? Think tapas, small bites.

Turn off the ice maker. Toss the ice in the ice maker. Wash the bin with hot soapy water, and dry.

Pull out all the baskets, and wipe underneath.

Use a large cooler or several lunch bags to store the freezer food while you clean it, to keep the food safe.

Use a half vinegar/half water spray and a hot sponge. That should get everything in there.

While you are at it, check the gasket. The test is that if you can put a dollar bill in between the door and the frame, and pull it out easily, you might need to replace the gasket.

Another good move is to get under and behind the unit and vacuum the coils. The unit won’t have to work as hard, and it will last longer.

Decide what goes back in, and where it goes. Compartmentalize where you can. Use plastic or metal bins, labeled with the category. Label inside the freezer, so other people can help you keep it organized.

Park stuff out of the way, so you don’t see the ice cream when you open the freezer hungry.

When I made lunch today, I was noticing that some of my favorite meals are the new generation of frozen meals from Trader Joes and the fancy freezer section of Target. Freezer meals are so much more sophisticated than they used to be, and these meals are as healthy as they are tasty, so having enough room to keep just a few freezer meals on hand for lunches is a must-do.

Feeling like you can go the extra mile? Make it cute. Here’s how to organize your freezer so everybody can find what they need. 

how I organized the freezer drawer

Did I encourage you to organize your freezer before the end of the month? Do tell.


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  1. Pat Young

    So funny! I’ve been cooking out of the kitchen freezer for about 2 weeks now! Have hardly made a dent But plan to persist. Then I’ll tackle the big freezer in basemen :-(. Made chicken soup with one batch that looked sad, but soup turned out great, LOL. Will let you know if I manage to persist. Pat in SNJ

    1. Darla

      Ooh, fun. Let me know what creative combinations you come up with at the bottom of the freezer.

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