Keep that “Organizing Your Home” Mojo Going Past January

It’s late January, and the only folks still talking about New Year’s resolutions are the newscasters reporting on how few of us kept any that we made. Depressing, right? Well, I have a little shot in the arm for your resolutions for organizing your home…and everything else in your life.

There’s still time to get organized this year. PLENTY of time!

Organizing Your Home - and loving it 2018

We publish an organizing article each day in January. No one needs to tackle them all. The idea is that you get info or inspiration for a project that you’ve been wanting to take on. Since today is the last weekend day of the month, maybe it’s a good day for you to re-set your intention to get organized by actually getting some small but meaningful organizing project done. It doesn’t matter when I posted them. It matters when you start the project.

These projects run the gamut from organizing your home to subjects like organizing your wardrobe, organizing your money, organizing your meals, and organizing your time.

The only way to get any of these projects done is to start, which is the first step in my new book, which is now available on Amazon. If you want to get organized but need instruction, inspiration and guidance, this is it. Download your copy today. (affiliate link)Organizing Your Home with SORT and SUCCEED_ Five Simple Steps to Stop Clutter Before it Starts, Save Money and Simplify Your Life


Take your pick of these projects perfect for organizing your home in any given month this year:

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Keep the Organizing Your Home Mojo going past January 2018

I’m pretty happy with the most popular post from this month for organizing your home, as chosen by you. Can you guess which one it is?