Laundry Room Storage- Organizing Your Home

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a laundry room organizing transformation, and I’m sure you are going to love this one. Like many projects we do, the homeowners were still making do with a laundry room storage system that the previous owner had installed. Lucky for us, it is a great system. Lucky for them, these are the types of systems we work with and install all the time, from Organized Living. Let’s take this laundry room storage up a notch, shall we?

I dream of having a laundry room like this. I could practically do a waltz in here! Not only that, but there’s a window. If you have to do laundry, this is a nice place to do it. But those laundry room shelves? They need to work a little harder for us. I’m not quite sure why every single shelf is hung at a different position. Every single one.

laundry room shelves over washer before

This side of the room had the unfortunate problem of added shelves that were installed right where we were likely to catch them with a shoulder. There really isn’t quite enough room for this set of shelves in the laundry rooms and a body at the same time.

laundry room shelves, before


In this particular case, the shelves are a bonus. What we need to make them work is some laundry room storage. The homeowner chased down all these pretty bins at several different HomeGoods and TJ Maxx’s. I love this look, because it proves the point that you don’t have to store everything in plastic tubs.

bins for laundry room shelves


We re-set, and in some cases, re-drilled the upright supports so the unit was properly installed and stable. Then we re-set all the shelves so they were even, or they were at least set intentionally. All of the detergents used for each load get to stay out, but the spotters and lint brushes get stored away in a little basket. Once we got things off the counter, we even had room to bring a bouquet of roses in. Why the heck not??? If we had had more time, I probably would have hung some art in here, too.

storage shelves for a pretty laundry room


We kept a small glass bowl nearby for the inevitable change and small doodads that come out of children’s pockets.

reset laundry shelves


The other side of the laundry room got a lift, literally. We kept all the shelves, but raised them up. Some things are seasonal, and only need to be reached via a stepladder twice a year. The pool towels don’t need much room. And they really don’t use that hanging bar, perhaps except for the occasional drip dry item on a hanger, down towards the window side of the room.

shelving for laundry room


My favorite thing about this room might be the curtain. Well, not specifically the curtain, but the fact that once we got the rest of the laundry room organized and pretty to look at, the curtain somehow no longer seems out of place. Don’t you agree?

organized laundry room- after

There’s one additional tiny little detail here that is partially hidden, but it’s also one of my favorite things. Inside the little closet, there was a small slice of wall between the closet shelves and the door frame. Most people might overlook that space altogether, all while tripping or tangling the dog’s leash. But we decided it is the perfect spot to hang the dog’s leash, out of the way and yet easy to keep at hand.

hang dog's leash in laundry room


I’ve seen plenty of laundry rooms in my day, and plenty of them are this large and you still can’t walk in. But this family has everything they need and direct access to the washer and dryer because this laundry room will stay organized. What’s your favorite thing here?

laundry room storage