Organizing Glasses

This has to be one of my favorite, least expensive drawer organizing makeovers ever. Once you see it, you’ll want to head right out to the dollar store so your glasses will always be organized in your foyer, too. Ready to organize your glasses?

Here we have this cute little 4-drawer chest in the foyer or entry way, but it’s always getting stuff piled on top. The drawers are just the place where everything gets swept when the top gets too full. 🙂


organizing glasses

We lined the top drawer with 5 plastic bins from the dollar store. I think they came in a three-pack, so they were even less than a dollar.

organizing glasses

These are the perfect size to hold one or two pair of glasses, so the whole family can drop their glasses here in the foyer, and still know where they are. Organized glasses…check!

Having trouble remembering what goes where? Place a label on the top frame of the drawer so there’s no mistaking what goes on in here. You can’t see it when the door is closed, so this cute little chest in now cute AND organized.

Do you have a drawer you can convert into a cute station to organize your glasses? Pin for later, cause you know you are going to want to do this!

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